8 Best Foundations And Brush For Makeup Artists That The Skin Doctors OK!

face of a middle age woman wearing foundation
As marketing for beauty products trending so is rising demand for them; however, sometimes too much of information coming to you from everywhere can be confused in terms of finding a product that can relive up to your
expectations and leave you flawless looking skin. The least we can do now is bringing you eight preferable makeup products by our experienced consumers who often share their opinions on a product.

smashbox full exposure eyeshadow palette1. SMASHBOX Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette

Size: 14g/0.49 oz.

The Smashbox Photo Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette is yet another artwork of beauty by SMASHBOX. From what you see in the image above, the palette has a fantastic packaging, which I like to take step by step explaining. The whole packaging came in a box like you saw in the photo.

The palette by itself has a nice shiny black front cover that makes it look so elegant, with an inscription stencil on the box. I honestly believe SMASHBOX well intentions paid off of having included a list of how-to guide for the performance of every single eye shape. In order words, they had to know that everyone is not a professional makeup artist so, for most customers, the list really comes in handy.smashbox full exposure eyeshadow palette packaging

 Aha! One thing that I found to be fascinating also in all of this is the dual ended brush that comes with the palette. Nothing like any brush I have ever used before, it has a unique softness to blend out eyeshadow to give you a fantastic result. To add some more value, the company added the dual ended brush so that users can have one side for the shimmer and the other for matte.

Their eyeshadow is adorable, known for being buttery soft and smooth. All 14 shades include 7 Shimmering Eyeshadow and 7 Matte Eyeshadow make a great gift for someone you’re closed to.

Other than everything you see in the product image or can’t touch live with your fingers right now, the overall set makes a great makeup product and don’t you mark my words for it, own it to yourself. Just as the saying goes; seeing is believing. $61 (Shop Now) Cj.com

youngblood natural loose mineral foundation 2. Youngblood Natural Loose Mineral Foundation

Size: 10g/0.35 oz.

Color: 13 different shades

If you prefer a foundation that brings out a better impression of you, made comfortable to wear, and long-lasting, then Youngblood Natural Loose Mineral Foundation surely is what you need. Lightweight formula, crushed powder for sheer coverage. It does give some sort of creamy sensation once it touches on the skin because of its natural mineral properties.

Why is this foundation rising among the top performance comes as a result of the fact that it was made to use on all skin types, especially sensitive skin and people with prone to breakouts skin type. For instance, using this product won’t itch your skin for whatsoever like the others do, while it renders you a natural complexion with a translucent glow.

According to the female members of our team who have seen the product in action we give the Youngblood Natural Loose Mineral Foundation 4.8/5 ratings. $40 (Shop Now) CJ.com

gucci satin matte powder foundation3. GUCCI Satin Matte Powder Foundation

Size: 10.5g/0.3oz

Color: 4 different shades

Facial contours are the first thing people might notice on face. That is why Gucci Satin Matte Powder Foundation comes into play. Being a finely-milled powder foundation, lightweight, the ultra soft texture glides on skin effortlessly. Formulated with special ingredients, peony shaped micro pearls to help gently diffuse across the facial contours. Gives a satin, matte finish and medium coverage for covering blemishes and discolorations of the skin

This product gets positive reviews all across users arena plus, it had dermatologically tested. There is no better time to order your Gucci Satin Matte Powder Foundation on CJ.com with a 3% saving. $67 (Shop Now)

becca aqua luminous perfecting foundation4. BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

Size: 30ml/1 oz.

Color: 7 different shades

Here and now, the conversation is about a foundation with such breakthrough features that come all in one; it features a super-lightweight, buildable formula. You can rest assured that when using a foundation like Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation you acquire an advanced perfection made product as it can bring out your natural-looking complexion to your satisfaction.

Here’s a list to describe this :

  • A revolutionary liquid foundation
  • Boasts an innovative color technology that combines pigments & luminous pearls
  • Gives an even, flawless finish
  • Available in a range of shades that flatter all skin tones
  • Free of parabens, sulfates & phthalates
  • Add a subtle, soft-focused glow to blur imperfections
  • Adapts to skin to create shade flexibility

The foundation comes in a small bottle just like some you may be familiar with. Before you apply the foundation shake bottle well because it contains a serum that needs proper mixing to use. Twist to open the top cover, then use the dropper to pump a little foundation on the back of your hand and use one finger as you would apply it on your face. Follow by using your choice of cosmetic brush and voila you have a new beauty you. $45 (Shop Now) CJ.com 

chantecaille compact makeup powder foundation5.
Compact Makeup Powder Foundation

Size: 10g/ 0.35 oz.

Color: 8 different shades

An ideal foundation for all various weather. It’s saturated with polyphenols of green apple to protect skin damages from the sun’s UV rays. Chantecaille Compact Makeup Powder Foundation is a super smooth refined powder foundation to provide you with simply the best coverage you’ve wanted. It perfectly glides on to adapt as if you have a second skin.

According to people who did use the product expressing their optimal experience says it doesn’t enhance fine lines and patches on the skin and it leaves you a perfect, radiant complexion. Recommended for people who are passionate about beauty. $87.50 (Shop Now) CJ.com

giorgio armani luminous silk foundation6. GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation

Size:30ml/1 oz.

Color: 21 different shades

Are you perhaps using the old same cosmetic foundation that you’ve fully not endorsed it one hundred percent? How much more can you handle going from one foundation to another; all to your credit because you are protecting your acne-prone skin breakout from some unscrupulous foundations? GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation as a means to an end for many of us who gets around daily with this skin issue. 

close up of before and after
before and after

When I first heard about it I was a bit skeptical using it because I thought it might cause the face oily, heck no, that was not the case at all, it does balance it out to create a smooth, radiant, flawless complexion. Whereas some foundation may be detrimental to the skin like itch, breakouts, because of your skin type, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is suitable for all skin types. And it is quite the opposite of all the negative flaws you hear about your typical foundation in the marketplace. 

Here is a brief description of the foundation:               

  • Buildable to medium coverage
  • Blend well into the skin with a natural finish
  • Does not enhance spots on face
  • Lasting throughout the day
  • Suitable for all skin types/ combination/ oily skin
  • Lightweight on a face/ no cakey look

Where to buy GIORGIO Armani Luminous Silk Foundation? Get from any one of your local Giorgio Armani Boutique, Macy’s Departmental Store or Sephora near you. If it inconveniences you to go down to the stores, make that easy and order it here for 2 days delivery svc at no extra cost. $64 (Shop Now) CJ.com

youngblood pressed mineral foundation7. Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation

Size: 8g/ 0.28

Color: 8 different shades

Frankly, I did not have lots of details about the Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation before to write a review until I found out that somewhat it gets more attention in the skincare cosmetic world. Shoot! That’s how I became too close more than curious wanting insight into the product. So, I watched several video demos and read extensively some reviews from actual users. In truth, it all make sense knowing why this foundation gets popularity in the marketplace.

This what I like to share:

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation composes of minerals and finely milled rice powder combined for a smooth, matte look while its texture corrects your spot and fine lines to keep them at bay. In lightweight powder makeup for medium coverage although some artists may suggest between medium to full coverage. As I understand it from the reviews and demos I saw, using a powder brush gets you a lighter coverage look and if you would like a full coverage use the sponge that is in place.

People showing they are enthusiastic about the product go on to express the fact of its having amazing oil control properties to balance out oil in their face for a smooth, matte finish. Plus, it renders you a flawless complexion with a natural glow and no cakey look. If you are always having difficulty finding the right shade whether it’s your sensitive skin or your acne-prone skin, you’ll never get that with this foundation nor will it irritate the skin. This product is most definitely for all skin types!

Oh! Did I mention the packaging aspect? Fits perfectly into your pocketbook to travel along with for conveniently touch up anytime, anywhere.
$42.50 (Shop Now ) CJ.com

elizabeth arden high performance powder brush8. ELIZABETH ARDEN High Performance Powder Brush

A Super-sized makeup brush that glides on your skin to even the application of powder. This brush is made of synthetic hair for a gentle touch on the skin while working seamlessly to smoothen skin tone without any streaks or lines Besides. lifetime durability, what is great also about ELIZABETH Arden High Performance Powder Brush is the care of maintaining it. Simple washable with soap and water. $29 (Shop Now) CJ.com



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