Blame Your Makeup for Your Breakout? Choose Makeup with Skincare Benefits

For thousands of years, people used makeup for a variety of purposes. Using a variety of cosmetics is a huge confidence booster, as it makes you feel like you are in control. By using small amounts of these products, you don’t mind attending social situations. You get to add to your aesthetics, which is great for your self-esteem.

Makeup is a fun way to experiment with your looks and see what goes well with your style. Even if it doesn’t suit what you are wearing, you can wipe it off and start over. Cosmetics are fun, because life is no longer boring, as you can choose from thousands of products. They come with myriad of colors, which allow you to create new looks in an instant. It isn’t much of a surprise why cosmetic products are popular among people.

If you were to go through historical records, you could see that cosmetics made an appearance in ancient Egypt. They used a black mineral called Kohl to highlight their eyes. Even today, the makeup industry is booming, as the market grew by 5.5% in 2018. Given the fact that cosmetics will play an important role in your life, it is crucial that you have ample amounts of information about it.

Can makeup cause a breakout?

woman suffering from acne due to beauty products

Although cosmetics come with a lot of benefits, some of them cause problems, such as a breakout. When the pores in your skin are healthy, they shed a layer or more every day. However, when you use certain types of makeup products, they tend to clog the pores. As your body is no longer able to expel the skin cells, it starts to accumulate and become sticky. Over time, these skin cells will block the opening of the pores.

The sebaceous gland produces sebum, which is a type of oil to waterproof and lubricates your skin. Sometimes, your hormones tend to send this gland into overdrive, generating large volumes of sebum.

Bacteria P.Acne, the one responsible for acne starts to use this substance as its nutrient, which can result in a breakout. When you suffer from this problem due to makeup products, it is a condition known as “Acne Cosmetica.” It is a persistent but mild form of acne, which can appear in places such as your scalp, face, hairline, and neck.

Due to this condition, you will start observing small bumps across your scalp or skin, and they have a rough appearance.

How can cosmetics cause a breakout?

wrong use of makeup products causing acne
The most common reason why people suffer from a breakout is due to makeup mistakes. Here are a handful of common errors which can lead to this skin problem:

  • Didn’t clean tools and brushes

A busy life means that you won’t have the time to take care of your makeup products. The tools and brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t maintain them. If you use these cosmetic products on your skin, they can cause an infection.

  • Excess use of foundation

When people suffer from acne, they tend to be embarrassed about the appearance of their skin. To hide this problem, they tend to cover it up with large volumes of the foundation, which causes more harm than good. Excessive use of this beauty product prevents air from entering the pimples, which slows down the rate of healing. As a result, it can cause an infection, and the acne starts to spread.

  • Using fingers to apply cosmetics

When you don’t have the time to look for your makeup brushes, the common practice is to apply everything with your fingers. After all, what can go wrong with this technique? For starters, your fingers tend to carry a large number of germs. When these microorganisms come in contact with your skin, they can cause irritations, leading to a breakout in the future.

  • Wrong foundation

Not every cosmetic product is responsible for causing a breakout. However, certain types of ingredients tend to help the bacteria thrive. If you use cosmetics which are not mineral-based or comedogenic, the chances of suffering from clogged pores or irritated skin go up significantly.

How to ensure your skin benefits from cosmetics?

woman's healthy and glowing skin

As you will be spending your money on buying different types of makeup products throughout the year, you want to know how you can select the right ones. Depending on which ones you use, your skin will remain healthy and beautiful. Use these four tips to make sure you don’t suffer from breakouts in the future:

  • Avoid sleeping in your makeup

After a long day at work, you can’t wait to get back home, so that you can hit the sack. As a result, you tend to forget to remove makeup from your skin, because you no longer have the energy.

While you may think it is okay to follow this practice, you should never do it, as it causes a lot of problems. Makeup products clog your pores if you leave them on for too long. As a result, they can cause a breakout, and you are back to square one.

Regardless of how your day goes, you should make it a point to cleanse your skin before sleeping, so that it has adequate time to recover.

  • Get your skin ready before applying cosmetics

It is an excellent practice to follow procedures before you can use makeup products on your skin. If you don’t do so, there is a high chance you will face problems in the future. The first step before you apply makeup is to cleanse your skin to remove any impurities.

If you want to ensure your skin is healthy and ready for makeup, it is essential you exfoliate at least twice a week. It removes dead cells while giving a radiant glow to your skin. Make sure you pay attention to which exfoliator you use, as the wrong ones will cause a lot of damage. Go for scrubs that are gentle on your skin, as the granules in these products are small and circular.

You should hydrate your skin so that it benefits from the products you use. It is essential that you apply a moisturizer, as it makes your skin smooth. As a result, when you apply makeup, it won’t look uneven.

When you look for these products in the market, you will come across several manufacturers who claim to provide a variety of health benefits. However, cleaners don’t stay on your skin for a long time, so it doesn’t make sense to spend large amounts of money on them. Any alcohol-free and mild cleanser should do the trick.

  • Find out your skin type

The reason why people suffer from breakouts after using makeup products is that they don’t pay attention to their skin type. Cosmetic manufacturers tend to create products designed to handle specific situations.

If you have oily skin, you should avoid products which don’t use oils at their base. If you do, it can clog up the pores, causing a breakout to occur in the future. Similarly, for those with sensitive or dry skins, you should avoid beauty products with irritants and allergens. Ingredients such as acids, emollients, and fragrances can make the situation worse. To avoid these problems, you should use hydrating, hypoallergenic products.

Even if your skin type is normal, that doesn’t mean you can use any products. The best practice is always to use fragrance-free or hypoallergenic products.

  • Go through the list of ingredients

If you want to avoid suffering from a breakout, you need to choose makeup which is good for your skin. These days, you will come across countless brands who state that you should invest in their products as comes with a lot of advantages.

However, how do you know which ones work well and which ones to avoid? It is quite simple, you take a look at the list of ingredients, and you will get an idea.

For starters, copper peptides are excellent, because it encourages elastin and collagen production. Similarly, it rejuvenates your skin, while giving it a youthful appearance.

Vitamin C is good, because of all the advantages that come with it. Cosmetics with this ingredient will decrease sun damage, protect your skin against premature aging, boost collagen production, and make dark spots several shades lighter.

Vitamin E is also a good ingredient, because of its antioxidant properties. Your skin won’t suffer from free radical damage. At the same time, the texture of your skin improves, while moisturizing it. When you are using makeup products in winter, this ingredient is essential, as your skin will be able to withstand extreme conditions.

5 Tips for buying makeup beauty product to buy

Visiting a makeup store, offline or online tends to be an overwhelming process, as there are hundreds of products available in the market:  Primers, Concealers, Lipsticks, Foundation, Mascara,  and  Eye shadows come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Most of the time, you wonder whether the product you want to buy will be a good option. Here are five tips which will make your life easy, the next time you decide to pick up cosmetics.

  • Always research before going shopping

To avoid making bad decisions and avoid problems such as breakouts, you should make it a point to go online and do your homework. If you wish to pick a specific brand of cosmetics or you want to try a new one, you need to know which ones are good for your skin type.

When you go online, you can check out what other people have to say about a particular beauty product. Also, you have the option of checking out the opinions of bloggers.

  • Never use old testers

When you want to sample cosmetics, it is common to ask the salesperson to provide a tester. Before you apply it, you need to take a look at the product. If it looks old or there is only a small amount remaining, ask for a fresh piece. With this technique, it becomes easier to understand how the product will look on your skin.

  • See how it looks in natural light

The reason why every cosmetic seems incredible in the store is because of the lighting. Due to this reason, you need to know the makeup appears in natural conditions. One trick is to step outside the store and see how it looks on your skin.

You can also go outside for a couple of hours, before coming back to the establishment to complete the purchase. Giving enough time for your makeup to set will give you an idea of how it looks under natural circumstances.

  • Try before you buy

When you go to a makeup store, you should never make the mistake of picking up a product immediately. You never know how it will look on your skin, without trying. When you are sampling makeup products, you should never apply it on your face. Always use it on your hands to understand its impact on your skin.

Also, if another person with a skin problem used the product, there is a high chance it will spread to you. Clean it before you apply it on yourself, to avoid facing this problem. Ask the salespeople if they have an alcohol spray to eliminate any bacteria present on the surface of the product.

  • Understand where you can spend and where you can save

Just because you are visiting a cosmetic store doesn’t mean that you have to splurge. Certain products are better to purchase from drug stores, while you should pick others from a well-established retail establishment.

Understanding the difference between where to spend and save will be a lifesaver. For example, you need to spend a lot on foundation, as you will be going to use it regularly. Trying to cut costs with this product isn’t a good practice, as they may contain ingredients which are harmful to your skin.

With the help of this guide, selecting makeup with skincare benefits will be a piece of cake. You will no longer face problems where beauty products result in breakouts. Remember to keep these tips in your mind so that your skin can benefit from makeup!

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