Natural Body Odor Remedies-Body Odor Cleanse

Spent hours despising and cursing at that foul odor only to realize it was you all this while?

Body odor is beyond embarrassing, and when the smell is coming from you, you just want to hide your face. You can mask it with deodorant, but if you tend to sweat a lot or have a strong body odor that doesn’t get masked easily or for long regardless of your efforts at eliminating it, you need to step up your game! Instead of investing in expensive products to hide your body odor, you need try the following natural body odor remedies:

1. Drink Water and Don’t You Stop!

For this remedy, all you need is water. If you don’t drink water throughout the day or drink very less, we have the underlying reason for your body odor, right here. You need to remind yourself to drink water by setting an alarm or putting up sticky notes on your work station if you have to.

Water eliminates toxins from your body, flushing them out. If you swear a lot, it is all the more important to stay hydrated. Plus, water is good for your health and skin. The more water you drink, the faster your body odor will disappear.

2. Watch What You Put in Your Mouth

Just as drinking water eliminates body odor, eating the wrong food fuels it! Even though not a natural remedy, it is one of the reasons why you smell so bad. What you put in your mouth affects the type of body odor you emit.

Plus, eating the right food that doesn’t cause body odor is good for your health. We want you to eat fruits and non-sulfurous vegetables, herbs, kefir, yogurt, kombucha, pickles, and fresh sauerkraut. We don’t want you to eat spicy foods, foods with onion and garlic, processed food, excess red meat, sulfurous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower, and excess alcohol and caffeine.

3. Call Apple Cider Vinegar Your New Friend

Apple cider vinegar and body odor are enemies. You need to side with apple cider vinegar in this fight, as it is the only thing that can keep body odor away from you…your underarms. Before you get into the shower, you need to dab apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball on your armpits and leave it on for a few minutes. apple cider vinegar works to balance out the pH level

Apple cider vinegar works to balance out the pH level. If you want your bond with apple cider vinegar to grow stronger, add it to your bath and soak your entire body in it to restore the pH balance. However, you do not have to use this remedy each time you need to shower, but you can also rinse it off.

4. Bring Together Lemon and Baking Soda

You can create a lemon and baking soda paste. Use juice of a freshly squeezed lemon, adding it to baking soda to form a paste. Apply this paste to your underarms prior to taking a shower. Lemon and baking soda will work together to eliminate body odor, leaving your feeling lemony! This works because lemon’s acidity level decreases your skin’s pH level, making it difficult for bacteria, responsible for the foul smell, to escape. But, can people with sensitive skin use lemon and baking soda paste? lemon and baking soda paste can eliminate body odor

Of course, it is a great solution for people with sensitive skin and they can use it daily. If you’re running low on time, you can always use lemon juice as a natural deodorant after showering; just don’t use it after shaving or waxing.

5 .Odor No Match Body  for Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a potent essential oil that functions as a natural astringent and antiseptic. Before you use, remember to dilute it with water. If you don’t, it will lead to an allergic reaction, but we have bad news for people with sensitive skin — you can never use tea tree oil so if you do use it, use it at your own risk, but we have listed so many natural body odor remedies here with more to go, that you won’t need tea tree oil to deal with your body odor.

For those who can use tea tree oil, combine two drops of oil with two tablespoons of water in a spray bottle. Spray it on your face, chest, underarms, back of the neck, and basically, any place where you tend to sweat a lot. Oh, and your bikini area is a no go and so are your eyes, but that last one is self-explanatory. lemon and baking soda paste

6. Herbs — We’re Not Just for Food

Coriander and sage are three types of herbs that you can use to eliminate body odor. We will tell you how you can use these herbs to create an all-natural deodorant. Now, you will need these herbs in their oil form, meaning that you need to get coriander essential oil and sage essential oil.

In addition to this, you also need lavender essential oil and witch hazel. Now, in a spray bottle, we want you to place five drops of sage essential oil, five drops of coriander essential oils, five drops of lavender essential oils, and two ounces of distilled witch hazel. Shake it up with all your power and then spray it on your armpits.

If you don’t like all this shaking and spraying, go the traditional route to get rid of body odor. Instead of using essential oils, you can grind dried rosemary, making it in to powder. Apply it in your armpits and smell beautiful the entire day.

7. Say Ain’t So — Tomato Bath

Do you know what you need to do in the event you get sprayed by a skunk? You need to soak yourself in a tub of tomato juice! If tomato juice can get rid of skunk odor, eliminating human odor is a piece of cake for it. If your body odor is getting out of hand, you need to bathe in tomato juice. In fact, even if you don’t smell, you can make tomato juice a part of your skin care routine due to its ability to shrink pores.

Here’s how tomato juice can help you get rid of body odor— juice about 8 to 9 tomatoes, add the juice into the bathwater, and mix to combine. The glycoalkaloids found in tomatoes will kill your body odor as well as the viruses and bacteria on your skin while enhancing your beauty.

8. Embrace Green Tea

Green tea is not only great for your health, but it also great at keeping body odor out the door. Green tea contains anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties, which work to flush out toxins from your liver and kidneys. The tannis in green tea also improves the health of your skin and decreases the production of sebum.

With so many remedies to try, doesn’t mean you can depend on them alone to help you beat body odor, kicking it to the curb. In addition to using these natural remedies, one after another, until you find the one that works best for you, you can also introduce some lifestyle changes into your life to decrease body odor. You should drink green tea several times each day to reduce body odor. You can make a lot of green tea at one time and drink it throughout the day. You will not have to make it each time, which increases the likelihood of you drinking a lot more of it.

6 Tips to Bid Farewell to Body Odor

Here are a few tips you need to live by if you want to keep body odor at bay:

1. Shower One Time Each Day

You need to shower at least once time each day, if not from the head, then from the body. You can take a body bath before you get into bed for instance as well as in the morning before you leave the house. The days you sweat a lot, remember to take a proper shower and if you have taken a shower in the morning, take a body bath to wash away the sweat and bacteria on your skin.

The funny part that most people don’t know is that sweat is odorless. Yes, it doesn’t smell, but when bacteria mix with it, they begin to multiply, creating a foul odor in the process! Wash the areas of your body where you tend to sweat a lot.

2. Use an Antibacterial Soap Bar

You need to use an antibacterial soap bar to show sweat the door. Even though it will not be able to get rid of most of the odor, it can eliminate some of it. If you’re using one or more of the natural remedies we have talked about here, we can vet that body odor will not be bothering you or others for long.

3. Dry Yourself Completely with a Towel

When you come out of the shower, feeling all squeaky clean, you need to dry yourself completely with a towel or wear a bath gown that would soak up all the water. Bacteria hate dry skin. Give bacteria what it hates so it doesn’t have a chance to multiply and cause a stink!

4. Give Industrial Strength Antiperspirants a Try

you have showered and dried yourself off, grab your antiperspirants, spraying it under your armpits. The reason we want you to use this is that they have the chemical aluminum chloride. This chemical ensures sweat doesn’t have a chance to enter. With sweat outside the door, body odor will not be a problem you will have to tackle.

You can use it two times each day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You don’t Once need to go to a doctor to learn about which one you need to use. When you go to the store, just look for higher strength deodorants. If you think none of these natural remedies or the strong antiperspirant will do the job, as the problem is too severe, visit your doctor to get a prescription antiperspirant.

5. Always Wear Clean Clothes

If you tend to sweat profusely so much so that all your clothes become drenched, you need to change out of your sweaty clothes into clean ones immediately. The longer you wear sweaty and unclean clothes, the worse your body odor will become. The same goes for your socks. Change your socks if the problem is body odor. Also, replace insoles and go barefoot whenever possible. If you know you tend to sweat a lot, keep fresh and clean clothes at hand.

6. Cut Back on Certain Foods and Drinks

We already told you this a solution, but we don’t mind repeating it, as it is one of the major reasons why your sweat smells so bad. If you eat stinky food, your body odor will remind you of what you ate later. Please avoid eating spicy food such as hot peppers. Also, don’t eat garlic or onions. If you drink caffeine or alcohol, you will find yourself sweating more, even in situations when you’re sweating a little, but the foul stench of the body odor states the opposite.

Are You Ready to Tell Body Odor that You Need to Part Ways with It?

If you are ready to tell your body odor that it is time that you two break up, you need to try one or more of these natural body odor remedies. You also need to adopt these six tips to modify your life and bring change into it. You don’t want sweat to bother you at all.

If you need beauty products aimed at letting body odor down gently, we can provide you with a list of skin care products that you can use to eliminate body odor.

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